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Can I use styling tools on the hair?

As Flixy hair extensions use 100% remy human hair, they can be heat styled with tongs and straighteners just like you would your own hair. For best results, we recommend the use of a good heat protectant before styling the extensions with heat.

Will Flixy extensions damage my hair?

We believe hair should be treated with the utmost care and respect to look it's best. With this in mind, we have designed an extension system that enhances natural hair 100% safely.

We can guarantee that Flixy hair extensions will cause no damage to your natural hair. Unlike other hair extension systems, the Flixy uses no glue, no clips, no bonds, no tape and no heat.

We're happy to say we can help you achieve gorgeous, long hair with no sacrifice to the condition and health of your own hair. If you are in the process of growing your hair, you can safely wear your Flixy while you are growing out your hair to the length you desire. 

How does it work?

Flixy Extensions utilise the weight of your own hair, and our invisible WonderWire to stay in place. Visit our How To page to see how quick and easy it is to fit.

Is it secure?

The Flixy is custom fitted to your head. If it is fitted correctly, the fit is very snug and there is minimal movement. You'll be able to shake your head without it coming off allowing you to wear your Flixy whenever you want, even to work out in!

Can the wire break?

The WonderWire is engineered to hold at least 100 times the weight of the hair attached, so it is extremely unlikely that the wire would ever break. We include a spare wire with every order just in case.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is a term used to describe hair that has it's outer cuticles intact and all facing in the same downward direction, just like natural hair. It is the finest hair available so commands a premium price. Remy hair has a natural sheen, not an unnatural plastic looking shine. It's realistic texture blends seamlessly with your own hair. 

Flixy extensions are only made of 100% Remy human hair for the most natural, beautiful result. This means hair is carefully sorted to make sure that all the cuticles are facing in the same direction. It's a time-consuming process but we think it's worth it!

What is double drawn hair?

Double drawn hair is a process by where time is taken to pick hairs so that the majority of the hair is the same length. This hair is more expensive than single drawn hair because it takes much more time to sift through the hair and match up the lengths. Flixy use double drawn hair so that the extension is thick and full from top to bottom. 

How do I blend my Flixy extensions with my own hair?

We have designed our extensions to have full ends. This is to enable your hairdresser to customise the ends just for you. We always recommend this for the most natural result.

If you have very short hair but still want a super long look, we recommend you have your Flixy layered by your hairstylist so it blends seamlessly with your own hair style. 

Can I wear more than one Flixy?

Yes! You can also stack two or three different length Flixies for extra volume.

What length Flixy should I order and what is the difference between them?

Flixy extensions come in three lengths: 12", 16" and 20". All our Flixies have the same thickness with their weight proportional to their length.

20" Flixy weighs 160g

16" Flixy weighs 140g

12" Flixy weighs 100g

12" Flixies are perfect for adding a boost of volume. Our 16" and 20" Flixies will add stunning length as well as volume to your natural hair.

Can I wear a Flixy if I already have hair extensions?

Yes! You can wear a Flixy if you already have bonded extensions. It requires no glue or clips so will cause no disturbance or damage to your hair or existing hair extension bonds.

Can I colour Flixy hair extensions?

Our extensions can be toned and coloured. We recommend you visit a professional colourist and test a small section of the hair on the underside before colouring the entire piece.

Can Flixy hair be bleached lighter?

We do not recommend bleaching Flixy hair extensions lighter as it is a very harsh chemical process which can cause damage to the hair. For this reason if you are between shades we recommend you order the lighter colour and add lowlights to match your hair perfectly. 

Can I swim, sunbathe or shower wearing my Flixy?

To keep your extensions in optimal condition, we don't recommend you swim, or bathe with your Flixy extensions in. As the hair as been colour treated, it is necessary to use a protective spray if sitting in direct sunlight in order to conserve the shade of your extensions.

How should I store my Flixy?

We recommend you store your Flixy in it's original packaging to keep it protected and tangle-free.

How often should I wash my Flixy?

Your Flixy should be washed every 10-20 wears or when there is too much build up of product and it starts to become difficult to style.

We recommend washing it only when absolutely needed. Since the extensions are not attached to your scalp, they won’t receive the oils that your own hair does so you won’t need to wash it as often as your own hair.

You don't need to use any special shampoos to wash your hair extensions but to keep the hair in the best condition, we recommend the use of a sulphate-free shampoo and using a hydrating hair mask after every wash.

How long will my Flixy last?

As Flixy hair extensions are made with human hair, how often they last depends on how they are treated. With daily wear your Flixy extensions should last for at least six months but can last for more than a year with the correct care.

We recommend you treat your extensions as you would your own hair by using a heat protectant and applying regular moisturising masks. We love Argan and Coconut oil for a concentrated overnight treatment!

Help! I'm not sure what colour to buy.

Don't worry! Our hair specialists are ready to help you choose your perfect shade. Send us an email with pictures of your hair to

  • Ensure your hair is worn down and loose and the pictures show all of your hair
  • Please send us photos with natural outdoor lighting but no direct sunlight
  • If possible, please send us head and shoulder shots instead of close ups

What are the clips on the Flixy for?

The extensions are designed to be worn with just the WonderWire and the weight of your own hair to hold them securely in place. There is no need for the clips to be used to achieve a secure fit.

However we understand some customers like the option of clips. We have added a couple of discreet clips with a cushioned silicone backing so that they can be used if desired.

Where is Flixy hair sourced?

Flixy only use Indian hair that has been ethically sourced. After testing multiple types of hair, we decided to use Indian hair as it's texture blends seamlessly with the majority of hair types and it responds exceptionally well to heat styling.

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